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Reunion11 familyMedReunion 11 for Macintosh introduces many new features to this popular genealogy program for Macintosh computers. The manual comes with the program in electronic form, there is no printed manual. Note, to run Reunion 11 you will need MacOS version 10.6 or newer.

 Reunion 11 for new users is available on CD ROM or as a full download product.

 Reunion 11 upgrade is available for owners of a previous version of Reunion as a download. Don't order this product if you do not own a previous version.

When purchasing the full download or upgrade versions you will receive an email from the producers of Reunion, Leister Pro, with the download link and your registration key.


Reunion 11 Features:

There are many new features and enhancements in this new version of Reunion including:

  • New Islands Sidebar lets you locate "islands" in your family file. Islands are groups of people linked to each other, but not linked to people in other islands. The islands feature identifies these branches or fragments of your family tree and makes it easy to see and edit them.
  • Syncing with mobile devices has been completely revamped in Reunion 11. No more need to manually sync changes.
  • Visual clue for family notes, pictures and events appears in the marriage fields in the family view.
  • Relationships are now identified "on-the-fly." As you add, delete, link, or unlink people in your family file, their relationship to the current source person appears instantly. No need to re-calculate relationships for the same source person.
  • Thumbnails window for browsing images linked to people, families, and sources. Makes it easy to see all pictures in one place.
  • Book creator automatically generate a PDF book, complete with page-number indexes of people and places. Includes source documentation, a multimedia browser, surnames, table of contents, multiple column content with text wrapping around images, custom headers and footers, cover pages, graphics, and more.
  • Sources
    • Sidebar option to show just the sources linked to the current source couple. It's updated instantly as you navigate to different people and couples in your family file.
    • Drag and drop sources from one family file to another.
    • Merging of sources by drag-and-drop.
    • Merging of sources by number.
  • Take pictures with your built-in camera.
  • Collapsible navbar (on the left). If you prefer, you can see icons only and make the Reunion window smaller, to facilitate using Reunion with other apps on smaller screens.
  • Multi-level undo and redo in the Edit Person and Edit Family panels.
  • Feasibility list appears instantly in the List window and includes all date feasibility warnings in your family file, making it much easier to identify and correct mistakes.

These are just the top 11, there are many more new or enhanced features. Visit the Leister Productions web site for a list of all the new Reunion 11 features and enhancements, for a full list of Reunion 11 features and for more information on Reunion 11 for the Macintosh.