2.00 pm AEST Sunday 25 July 2021
Zoom Event for Members

Sylvie Blair, Director BookPOD
Sylvie has worked in the book trade...

3.00pm 27 June 2021
Zoom event for members

Brad Argent
Senior Director International Programming
Ancestry UK

An insight into...

9.00am 23 May 2021 Zoom Event for Members

Direct from Nova Scotia, Canada: Pierre Clouthier, Progeny Genealogy

18 April 2021 Zoom event for Members

Presented by: Lieutenant Colonel Neil C Smith, AM, Retd.  at 2.00pm AEST

28 March 2021 Zoom Event for Members
Presentation by Lisa Louise Cooke at 2.00 pm AEDT...

28 February 2021 ZOOM Event for Members
At 2.00 pm AEDT, find out about using Evernote...

Here you will be able to see the latest VicGUM news, check out upcoming events, sort out your account details, renew your membership, shop for...

24 January 2021 ZOOM Event for Members
With Pierre Clouthier, from Nova Scotia, Canada, at 10.00 am AEDT...