About Us

Victorian GUM Inc. or VicGUM (GUM to friends), established in 1984, is an association of family history researchers using computers. With a national membership around 500, GUM is Australia’s leading association helping genealogists better use their computers, associated equipment and genealogy programs as part of their family history interest.

GUM is not a family history association (although many GUM members belong to one or more family history groups). Rather it provides help and full technical support to members on how to confidently use their computers and software.

GUM communicates with its members in many different ways including monthly meetings, workshops, user groups, one-on-one training, monthly newsletter, Facebook and “Gumnet”, GUM’s own on-line help and chat site.

GUM also provides an exclusive members’ only section in its website for member-only downloads. A full list of membership benefits is shown under Membership Benefits on the home page.

 If you are into computer genealogy then GUM can help you.

Rules of Association

Victorian GUM (Genealogists Using Microcomputers) Inc. is incorporated in Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

For more information download the VicGUM® Rules of Association document.