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GUM's Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 27 August 2017. For full details you can download the Notice of AGM. Also available for downloading are a Nomination form and Proxy voting form. This is an opportunity for involvement of all GUM Members by making nominations to fill the four executive and up to eight general committee members.

We expect to have Family Tree Maker 2017 stock around mid August and all paid Pre Orders will then be shipped. Also, purchases can now be made here.

GUM will be attending the Researching abroad: British Isles & European ancestors - Melbourne event. For details and bookings see the Unlock The Past web site.

Click here for details of GUM's FTM Workshop in Ballarat and to make a booking.

GUM is running a number of regional Family Tree Maker Workshops at Deniliquin, Wodonga and Canberra on October 15, 17 and 29 respectively. Click here for more details.

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Click here for a presentation on 'What is GUM?' and the benefits of membership.

GUM members receive:

• Advice and assistance on how to use their genealogy and related programs. Provided by email or phone
• Ten percent (10%) discount from Recommended Retail Price (RRP) off genealogy software purchased online from GUM
• Access to “GUMNET”, GUM’s exclusive to members help and chat site
• Free admission to GUM regular monthly events
• Access to GUMview—videos of the regular monthly events (Click here to see a typical video)
• Concessional admission to GUM workshops and special events
• Twelve newsletters emailed (or mailed) each year (Click here to download a typical newsletter)
• Access to User Groups for the major genealogical programs
• Access to GUM’s members’ only section of the GUM website containing exclusive download material for GUM members including past newsletters
• Access to various GUM genealogy user groups
• Participation with and networking with a friendly bunch of helpful computer genealogy users.

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GUM's office is located at Level 4, 460 Collins Street Melbourne (north west corner of the intersection of Collins and William Streets), entry is from 83-89 William Street (Western House).

Opening hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

The telephone number is 03 9078 4738.


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