Unlocking the Shoebox: Digitising your Family Photos

Sunday 22 May 2022
2.00 pm AEST on Zoom

Unlocking the Shoebox:
Digitising your Family Photos

Are you sitting on a stockpile of old family photos and mementos that you'd love to digitise, but you just aren't sure how to start such a massive project? This session will provide tips that can help you tackle your digitisation project with greater efficiency and cover how to make sure you use the best practices and processes to preserve and protect your mementos for the near and long term.

What you willl learn: best practices for preparing and scanning photos, such as how to group photos into batches, what to do with details written on photo backs, what types of equipment to use for digitising, what file formats to use, tools for enhancing photos, and how to label your digitised images.

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