Q and A Session

Sunday 27 March 2022
2.00 pm AEDT on Zoom

Q and A Session

Will take the form of an “on line” help session
(as we used to do at the “real”  meetings!)

Get your Questions Ready!

Members with problems which could include:

  • technical issues,

  • search queries,

  • equipment queries,

  • scanning,

  • copying,

or whatever, will have the opportunity  to ask their question.
We will then ask the members on line if they can assist with a solution.

In order to make the day fully beneficial, members are requested to email
a synopsis of their problem to:  info@vicgum.asn.au beforehand.

When the submitted questions have been dealt with other questions from the meeting will be taken.

How to register and Zoom link will be sent to members via Gumnet
a few days prior to the event.
Bookings limited to 100 attendees.

Not sure about using Zoom?
Click on Resources>Public>General to see "Using Zoom"

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