Expanding your Family Tree with DNA

Sunday 23 May 2021
event held at 9.00 am AEST on Zoom

Expanding your Family Tree with DNA
Using Charting Companion & Family Tree Maker

Direct from Nova Scotia, Canada:
Pierre Clouthier
President, Progeny Genealogy

The DNA Matrix helps you by showing
an overview of DNA matches in a clear, simple chart.
Charting Companion can also "validate" your tree, by comparing actual DNA test results against the number expected from the relationships.
The percentage ranges for each type of relationship are based on
Leah La Perle Larkin's excellent blog "The DNA Geek".

If you are into DNA and struggle to make sense of this, then don't miss this event.

About Pierre Clouthier
First computer experience: FORTRAN (1965). First job: Life insurance (1970), Assembler on an IBM 360 mainframe clone. Also worked for computer vendors (Univac, Xerox), started a service bureau in 1979 providing laser printing services (Xerox 9700, 120 pages/min, two-sided). Worked IT in transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, food industry. Was addicted to genealogy when grandfather shared manuscript of family history in 1976. Started Progeny Genealogy in 1995. Helping customers tell the story of their family since.

Amongst other products, Progeny Genealogy produces Charting Companion,
a Charting Package for most of the common genealogy applications,
like Family Tree Maker, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, Family Historian,
RootsMagic as well as PAF and GEDCOM.
The company has just released Charting Companion plugin
for Family Tree Maker for Mac.

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