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So you are totally new to Family Tree Maker 2017 - Book

AUD25.00 each


Family Tree Maker, usually called FTM, is Australia’s largest selling genealogy program. It has enjoyed huge success and is now in its 23rd iteration as FTM 2017.

Since the last edition of this book, the program has gone through a change in ownership with Ancestry ceasing its development in December 2015 but fortunately Software MacKiev, who had been writing the Mac version for Ancestry, purchased the program in 2016 and has continued to support it.  

The program has been further developed with much tighter integration with Ancestry in terms of hints and synced online trees called ‘FamilySync’, plus it now looks for hints on FamilySearch World Family Tree. It has also received some nice new features including colour coding and support for the plugins, Family Book Creator and Charting Companion.  

The program is available in Australia as a DVD or a USB and contains both the Windows and the Mac version on the same media.  

This book (now in its third edition) is the first in a series about Family Tree Maker and is intended for the absolute novice (whether Windows or Mac) to get started in Family Tree Maker.  

The book will take users through installation, registration with Software MacKiev plus setting up new family files, or importing new files. It then introduces the eight Family Tree Maker Workspaces with enough simple explanation to get the new user started.



Extensive use is made of screen shots (colour in this edition) to assist the user to understand what he or she is seeing on the screen 

This is a great little book that you can carry with you anywhere and also use it in front of your computer

 Chapters include

1. Getting started

The eight workspaces
2. Files workspace

Files menu
3. Plan workspace
4. People workspace

The right mouse button
5. Places workspace
6. Media workspace
7. Sources workspace
8. Publish workspace
9. Web Search workspace
10. Final thoughts