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Sunday, 22 November 2020 
Time: 2.00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time
using Zoom technology

William Gunther Award
Show & Tell event

Show Tell images ssm

The prize for the winning Show & Tell presentation will be:
12 months World Deluxe subscription to Ancestry
donated by Ancestry.com.au
together with the William Gunther Award.

For obvious reasons we cannot hold the event in the same format as in the past!
For this year we have developed a different format, which will allow any of our members, regardless of their location, to participate.

Provided the authors are happy to do so they can present over the Zoom session direct to the audience.
For anyone who is not comfortable doing such a presentation we can arrange for someone to read or present on their behalf. 
If someone wished to they could prerecord their presentation and it can simply be played to the audience.

Presentations are usually restricted to about 8 - 10 minutes in order to contain the length of the event to about one hour.

At the end of the presentations we will arrange for the audience to vote for their preference using Zoom polling (anonymously).

Members who are interested in participating are asked to submit their story which could include: 

  • PowerPoint presentation,
  • A video presentation,
  • A written document,
  • An audio book,
  • A picture book presentation,
  • Any other means of telling the story.

Presentations can include any interesting fact or event which has emerged from your family history research.

Send your submission to: showandtell@vicgum.asn.au

as soon as possible.

Registration Details for members to "attend" this event will be made available shortly.


Should you have any queries:  info@vicgum.asn.au


 Further Meetings:


When COVID-19 restrictions permit, the Venue for all GUM monthly events is the Masonic Centre Hall, 318 Stephensons Road, Mt Waverley, Vic. 3149.

There is some parking on the right hand side and back of the venue and more parking by following the lane way on the left hand side of the venue.

Masonic Centre Hall Location Map