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Software & Other Sales

The following table summarises the software available, the price and, if required, the packaging and posting category (see the table below for P&P costs). Please note that all prices quoted include GST and are subject to change without notice. Click on the links for more details on individual programs.

 any of the software listed below from VicGUM® using PayPal and your credit card online.

Please note that when you order software and wonder how long it will take for it to be delivered, be aware that the GUM Office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm. Software is only posted during these times, plus you need to allow for the Austalia Post delivery time to your location.


Family Tree Maker 2014—for Windows
          (for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP(SP2/SP3) only)
  Platinum Australia & New Zealand Edition  $99.00 B
           (with Companion Guide (PDF File) and 6 Months Ancestry Sub.)
  Deluxe Australia & New Zealand Edition  $60.00 B
           (with Companion Guide (PDF File) and 3 Months Ancestry Sub.)
  "Upgrade" Australia & New Zealand Edition 40.00 B
           (with Companion Guide (PDF File) and 1 Months Ancestry Sub.
           The CD has the full program on it, no prior version is required.)
  So you are totally new to Family Tree Maker (second edition) - Book    $14.00 A
           (written by John Donaldson—covers FTM 2014, FTM 2012, FTM Mac v3 and FTM Mac v2.)
  FTM 2012/2014 Instructional Videos – Volume 1 CD $7.00 A
           (produced by Doug Elms.)
  "Totally new" Book and "Instructional Videos" CD Bundle $20.00 A

Family Tree Maker 3—for Mac (Runs on Mac OS 10.5 onwards and Mavericks and Yosemite)
  Platinum Australia & New Zealand Edition $99.00 B
           (with 6 Months Ancestry Sub.)
  Flatpack Edition $45.00 A

The Master Genealogist 9  Sold out (stock is no longer available) 

Legacy Family Tree Deluxe 8
  Legacy 8 CD Only Deluxe Edition (no printed Users Guide) $29.00 A
  Legacy 8 CD plus printed Legacy Family Tree 8 Userís Guide $48.00 C
  Legacy Family Tree 8 Userís Guide (printed book) $25.00 C
  Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked! book by Geoff Rasmussen  NEW  $33.00 C

Brother's Keeper 
  Full Version 6.5 (on CD-ROM and requires Win 95 or later) $66.00 B

Reunion 10 (for Macintosh)
  Full Version $119.00 A
  Upgrades Contact Leister Pro   -

** To activate subscription, go the help menu, scroll down to Activate Ancestry Subscription and follow the pages. Credit card required, see the Family Tree Maker page for more details on Subscription activation terms and conditions.

Ordering and Payment

Packaging and Postage is an additional cost for all software purchases. When ordering, please confirm whether it is for the PC or Macintosh.

Credit Card Online with PayPal:
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 online using your credit card with PayPal on the VicGUM® Software Purchase Page

Credit Card via Telephone:

phone VicGUM® on (03) 9639 2005

Mail orders:

Victorian GUM Inc.
PO Box 375
Flinders Lane Victoria 8009 (yes, that is the correct Postcode)

or contact Vic GUM®:

phone (03) 9639 2005,
or E-mail:

Cheques: Should be made payable to Victorian GUM Inc.

Electronic Transfer: Software can also be paid for through your bank or by using your Internet banking facilities.
Please email, with your name, address and details of your purchase.
The VicGUM® banking information you require is:

ANZ Bank
BSB 013-030
Account Number 79 87792

From the VicGUM® Office:

Victorian GUM Inc.
Level B1, 257 Collins Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
(VicGUM® Office staffed Tuesday & Thursday 10 am -3 pm,
enter from Collins Street, go to lifts at end of passage on left near bottom of the escalators)

Other Software Sales Outlets:

All software items except Brother's Keeper may also be purchased from:

Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree Deluxe (except Upgrades),
   The Master genealogist and Reunion for Macintosh
may also be purchased from:

Family Tree Maker (except Upgrades) is also available from:

Family Tree Maker may also be purchased from:

Packaging and Postage Costs

If required, packaging and postage costs are to be added to the price of the software. The following table shows these mailing costs from Melbourne for the various software programs. They are based on the size and weight of each program and include packaging, postage and registration if the software cost is over $100.

To determine the mailing cost select the category specified against each software package.

COST $2.70 $3.00 $11.00

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