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GUM is very proud of its newsletter, and our members consistently tell us it is one of the things they most value about being a member. Here is a sample from a recent issue of the newsletter. Check out the Table of Contents, and see what other articles you've missed out on. If you like reading Victorian GUM Inc. News, join us today!

The November 2014 issue of the newsletter included:

  • Meetings and Workshops
  • GUM Details
  • A Note from the President
  • Self-Help Groups
  • Family Tree Maker-Notes
  • The Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base Disappeared!
  • Saving Ancestry Images
  • TMG Futures the Race is On
  • Roots Magic TMG Imports-Good the Bad and the Ugly
  • The Future of TMG Is….?
  • A TMG Update
  • TMG GEDCOM Export
  • Legacy Family Tree–Source Writer
  • The Scottish Valuation Rolls for 1875
  • William Gunther Award
  • Reunion - ID Numbers
  • Google Takeout Can Retrieve Your Data
  • Elephind - A Digital Newspaper Collections Search Engine
  • Hands On With the Windows 10 Preview
  • Mac iOS 8.02
  • What’s Happening in GUM?
  • Software Sales

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